This tour gives the feeling that we are walking on the surface of another planet. The 43-kilometre ride leads to the Cordillera de la Sal (salt mountain range) a group of attractive natural stone and sand sculptures that millions of years ago formed part of a large lake. Once here, visitors are taken to a surprising lookout to enjoy views of the valley and next destinations. The next stop is the awesome Valle de Marte (valley of Mars) also known as the Valle de la Muerte (death valley) with its peculiar stone formations and absolute desert landscape: no vegetation or insects to be seen in what is considered one of the country’s most barren regions. Next, the tour ventures on to Las Tres Marias (the three Marys), an interesting geological formation near an old salt mine. At sunset, the exploration ends atop a giant sand dune in Valle de la Luna (moon valley), named this way because of its moon-like landscape where an amazing spectacle of different colors can be admired when the sun slips below the horizon.

Duration: 4 hours approx